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‘I would highly recommend Annamie to anyone who, like me, was feeling stuck in their career. Not only am I clearer about what I want from my current and next roles but I am much more confident about who I am and the value I bring. This has manifested itself a lot in my personal life too, which was an unexpected but delightful benefit from the coaching I had.’

– Head of Client Success

‘The process has been fantastic. Annamie has provided me with techniques and insights to implement in my day to day which have been brilliant and have completely changed my approach to elements within my work and personal life.’

– Product Manager

’10 months ago I was afraid of speaking up in a meeting of more than 3 people, didn’t know what I wanted, didn’t find motivation in what I was doing and I saw no progression potential in my career and life. Now I am on my way to a promotion, gotten a pay rise, actually enjoy what I am doing and I am able to speak up and fight for what I want.’

— Design Director

‘I have really enjoyed working with Annamie as my coach over the last six months and found her to be incredibly warm and empathic. I also felt very heard during the sessions. Annamie’s observations were always insightful and helpful and have helped me to see things from a different and more positive perspective.’

– Head of HR

‘I would like to enthusiastically recommend Annamie for her invaluable help over the past 8 months. Her analytical, pragmatic and empathic approach enabled her to tease out the main blocks to progress and for us to collaboratively work out a solution.’

— Scientist

‘Working with Annamie has been a revelation; she took me on an exploration of a difficult situation in my life – helping me to view it and the options I have to deal with it with such objective clarity that it no longer feels like an insurmountable problem.’

— Actor

‘I have found our work together challenging, enjoyable and extremely worthwhile, I will certainly be making time in the future to work with her again. Thank you Annamie!!’

– Hairdresser

‘I had the pleasure of being coached by Annamie last year through some momentous life changes. Annamie is warm, friendly and creates a safe and secure space in which to explore, define, empower and take action in your life, which is exactly what I needed.’

— Therapeutic Coach

‘When you start a session with Annamie she asks how you are. And you say, “I’m good!” In what for you is a basic exchange she has already picked up 4 different cues in your tone of voice and body language. The next questions she asks just hits the nail, and by the end of the session you’ve untangled a thousand things you didn’t even realise were blocking you… I can honestly say I am simply happier, and a ton of that is thanks to her.’

— Graphic designer

‘Annamie’s work with us was extremely thought provoking and well received. She used a combination of theory, reflection and practical tools to help our internal coaches consider their relationship to loss and change, and to better understand the role it might play for their clients. It was an extremely powerful experience.’

— Head of People & Culture

‘I found the course extraordinary. My biggest discovery was empathy and love for the person I was as a child and the rekindling of some of these qualities that I had left behind. It has certainly rebooted my creativity as well.’

— Designer

‘Well, I loved working with Annamie – she set it up for me perfectly. I knew what I wanted to achieve as she’d coaxed that out of me on the call. And I achieved this, thanks to her.’

— Technical Manager

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