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Coaching is a process that helps people to identify what really matters to them and take action to reach their goals.

The most effective change comes when people discover things for themselves and have autonomy over their decisions. My job is to support you to develop a deeper level of awareness, unlock new perspectives and take practical steps forward.

Powerful conversation is combined with psychological tools to ignite new ways of thinking.

Our relationship will be one of equals, working in partnership.  I will commit 100% of my attention, expertise and best thinking to our collaboration. For your part, come with an open mind, a desire to learn and a willingness to do the work. Together we will uncover your strengths and break through the blocks that are getting in your way, to create long-lasting change.

One to one coaching

My core coaching programme is six sessions of 120 minutes with a review halfway through. However, each coaching relationship is individual and we discuss this in the free introductory session. I use a variety of tools and approaches, calling on what feels most appropriate to the individual client, with a focus on Positive Psychology, Positive Intelligence and Neuroscience.

‘Annamie is amazingly patient, professional and kind. The change in me is beyond anything I could have imagined.’

— Graphic designer

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Are you ready to make a change and create something new?
No pressure, no fee – just time to talk and decide your best next steps.

Small group mental fitness coaching

Working in small groups of up to five people we explore the tools of mental fitness to create a positive mindset and greater resilience when facing life’s challenges.

My nine-week app based programme helps you identify and overcome your saboteurs and ‘switch on’ your inner wisdom to create a more rewarding and purposeful life. It is also possible to work with the programme on an individual basis.

‘The best thing I’ve done for a long long time.’

— Artist

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Workshops and webinars

I have delivered presentations to organisations on the following topics:

  • Mental Fitness: a guide. What it is and how to get it
  • Difficult Conversations: how to approach them so everyone wins
  • Grief, Loss and Change: navigating these in the workplace
  • Breathworks: using breath for greater mental and physical health
  • The Expectation Effect: how your assumptions influence your future

‘Annamie’s work with us was extremely thought provoking and well received… It was an extremely powerful experience.’

— Chief People Officer

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