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Or is there something missing?
Are you curious and ready to learn?
Do you want to be in charge of your life?

I can help

Annamie Athayde - Parallel Notion Coaching

I’m Annamie.
Executive and Career Coach
Mental Fitness trainer.

Book a 1-hour free discovery and coaching call.

Are you ready to make a change and create something new?
No pressure, no fee – just time to talk and decide your best next steps.
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Parallel Notion Coaching Logo

One to One &
Group Coaching

I will coach with you to create a work life that you love.
You will develop awareness, clarity and intrinsic belief so that you can choose and shape your future.

I practice ‘whole-person coaching’ because work and personal lives are interconnected. When you change one thing for the better, everything gets better.

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Mental Fitness

I will also help you build powerful muscles in the brain to improve your mental fitness. This programme creates permanent positive change leading to improved performance, better relationships and a calmer, happier mind.

Book a 1-hour free discovery and coaching call.

Are you ready to make a change and create something new?
No pressure, no fee – just time to talk and decide your best next steps.
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I had the pleasure of being coached by Annamie last year through some momentous life changes. Annamie is warm, friendly and creates a safe and secure space in which to explore, define, empower and take action in your life, which is exactly what I needed.

— Sue

Coaching with Annamie has changed the way I understand myself, made me aware of many things that triggered my behaviours without me even knowing it and given me confidence and trust in myself. Annamie, you are in my life to stay!

— Emma

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Parallel Notion Logo


What is coaching?

Coaching helps you identify what really matters to you and take action to reach your goals. Powerful conversation is combined with psychological tools to ignite new ways of thinking.

You are the expert in your own life and have the solution to your challenges within you. As your coach I will help you discover and implement that solution. Through our work together you will unlock a deeper level of awareness, new perspectives, and a practical path forwards.

Find out more here…

Mental Fitness and Positive Intelligence - what are they?

Positive Intelligence (PQ) measures the percentage of time your mind is serving you as opposed to sabotaging you. While your IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence) contribute to your maximum potential, it is your PQ that determines how much of that potential you actually achieve.

The way to increase your PQ score is to build your Mental Fitness by doing regular PQ exercises (just as you improve your physical fitness through regular physical exercise). A higher PQ score means you will respond more positively to life’s challenges and achieve more of what you want.

Find out more here…

How do I get started?

It’s important you find the right coach for you. I offer a free one-hour introductory call so that we can explore what you are looking for and find out if we are a good ‘fit’.

Sometimes a second call is needed if you have more questions. It’s worth spending the time at this early stage to get it right!

Please get in touch to find out more.

What can I expect from a session?

At the start of each session we will agree your goals and will regularly check that the session is meeting your needs. Conversation will be exploratory, wide-ranging and occasionally challenging.

You choose how deep you want to go and you decide the direction. We will use methods and tools gathered from a range of disciplines, tailored to meet your individual circumstances. There will often be further work to do between sessions.

Key to successful coaching is trust. Sessions are confidential in keeping with the International Coaching Federation code of ethics. You will work with my full support and 100% of my attention in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

How many sessions will I need?

My core coaching programme is six sessions of 90 minutes with a review halfway through. However, each coaching relationship is individual and we discuss this in the free introductory session.

How will I know if it’s working?
You’ll know! We will regularly review throughout our time together, to ensure the coaching is creating impact. We will collaborate throughout on your goals and the steps to get there. With an open mind, curiosity and a willingness to do the work, coaching is transformational.

How much do you charge?

Before we decide to work together, we will meet to discuss what you want from coaching and to decide whether I am the right person to help you. There are a number of different ways we can work together so fees are agreed after that initial exploratory conversation.

I’ve got more questions – how can I get them answered?

Let’s talk. There’s no charge, no commitment and definitely no pressure. We’ll just have an exploratory chat to find out if coaching is right for you, and if I am the right coach. My aim is to help you move forwards in whatever way is best for you.

Please just get in touch for a conversation!

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Parallel Notion Coaching Logo

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