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Mental Fitness

In 2021 I was introduced to Positive Intelligence and mental fitness training. I found it so powerful I decided to specialise.

Mental Fitness training was developed by Positive Intelligence (PQ) founder Shirzad Charmine. It uses a combination of neuroscience, positive psychology and performance science to help you build your mental ‘muscles’.

Being physically fit means you are better able to run for a bus, lift a weight or climb a hill when you need to. Being mentally fit means you can bring more wisdom, ingenuity and positive responses to every situation.

The programme works by changing the relationship between positive and negative responses in the brain. Modern living means that most of us live predominantly in our survival brains where negative emotions are generated. It’s why there is so much low-level stress and distress in our daily lives. Mental fitness training helps you build new neural pathways and activate your more positive PQ brain.

Discover mental fitness training for yourself

I deliver Positive Intelligence mental fitness training to individuals, groups and teams in organisations.

Over nine weeks participants learn how to

• Weaken their inner saboteurs
• Activate a sage response in challenging situations
• Develop their self-command muscles

The outcome is improved performance, stronger relationships, and greater wellbeing

MRI scans have shown that after 6-8 weeks of intensive training the grey matter in the PQ brain has grown whilst unhelpful elements of the Survival brain have started to atrophy.

As a result of experiencing the programme I am calmer, clearer, healthier and happier. My clients report the same. It’s a method that gives you tools for life and work long after the coaching is over.

To find out what mental fitness training can do for you or a team you work in book a call or use the contact page

This PQ stuff is transformative…I feel peace in ways I’ve never felt in my life.

— Project Coordinator

Annamie is a very reassuring presence. She brings a calm insightful wisdom to all our discussions and has helped me grow in confidence and self esteem.

— Creative Director

‘I am incredibly impressed as to how rich and layered the programme is. It has introduced me to powerful techniques which have had a big impact in my life’

– Graphic Designer

‘I really learnt a lot about myself and what holds me back, my saboteurs were given a name after a lifetime of not really understanding where the negative voice in my head came from.

– CEO, Design Practice

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